Hennumi embodies adornment — crowning yourself with that beautiful head dress which elevates you to a whole other level of glamour and sophistication.

Tosin Trim, Hennumi’s designer/maker, specialises in exquisite millinery and accessories for occasion and bridal-wear.

Tosin Trim’s expertise is as a designer/maker has been developed over many years.  As a child she was taught fine needlework and dressmaking by her grandmother and mother.  She qualified as an architect with degrees from the University of Cambridge, a background which ensures a sculptural and textural beauty and a rigorous approach to design.

After her studies she combined architectural work with private commissions, creating bespoke bridal and occasion outfits including dresses and headdresses.  She also gained experience working in costume design for film, TV and theatre.

Each Hennumi piece is carefully designed and individually handmade, including the reuse of DePloy’s remnant fabric of fine silk, wools and laces and embellished with feathers, pearls, crystals and vintage trims.



338 City Road, Clerkenwell, London, UK

Hennumi partners with Deploy demi-couture to create a complete fabulous look.  Quality remnant Deploy fabrics are sustainalably reused to make perfectly matching headwear and accessories.

Hennumi was developed as a sister-brand to DePloy demi-couture with creative direction expertise of Bernice Pan, DePloy demi-couture’s creative director.  Bernice’s expertise is in design process & innovation for the fashion/textiles supply chain. Trained as an architect in the University of Cambridge and Royal College of Art, she subsequently gained her PhD in fashion system customisation and has lectured on fashion, design management & branding. Combining her vision, theory and practice, Bernice launched DePloy demi-couture in 2006 and is responsible for creative direction & design.  Together DePloy and Hennumi perfect the attire with finesse and complete the ethos of sustainable fashion.



338 City Road, Clerkenwell, London, UK

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Creative Direction Bernice Pan.
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Clothing by Deploy demi-couture womenswear.


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